Unlock the full potential of your Agriness S4


Exclusive content for Agriness customers who use the S4 system and want to explore all the features and resources - from basic data entry and registration to specific analyses - at each stage of pig farming.


Course Topics

  • First Access
  • Farm Mirror: Everything that happens in daily life happens in S4
  • How S4 works, visual distribution
  • How to navigate between different farms or properties
  • Overview, entries, and analysis center: What to do in each one?
  • How to make the farm in the system look like the real farm
  • Registering the farm's goals
  • Customizing the farm as you see it in S4: how to deactivate registrations and create new ones
  • Facilitating farm management with task registration
  • Inconsistencies: a warning not to forget any entry
  • Entry of breeding herd, gestation, and maternity
  • Collection forms: how to do them during management
  • S4 listings
  • Performance reports by phase and overall farm
  • Overview of analysis: where to make data correlations and understand what happens on the farm
  • Differences between commercial and multiplier farms in S4
  • Crossbreeding registration, mating and selection birth entries
  • Piglet management as individuals
  • Genetics module: piglet inspection, management, and sales bulletin for breeders
  • Overview: keep track of the inventory to avoid losing control of what is in the farm
  • Inputs Input and output: how to control what each phase consumes
  • Analysis center: monitoring input and output in detail for the period
  • Using the padlock on entries to lock information
  • Best way to generate lists: how to obtain only useful information for the farm
  • Heat map in inconsistencies
  • Shortcuts in entries for all phases
The course is available to all Agriness S4 users who are involved in farm data administration, such as pig farmers, administrators, farm managers and technicians, consultants, supervisors, veterinarians, zootechnicians, agronomists, and farm owners.
Modality: online
Duration: 1 hour


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Jefte Januário

Customer Success at Agriness

Maria Eduarda Fortunato

Veterinarian, Agribusiness Technician, and Customer Success at Agriness.